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We take one space at a time, go through your vision and need for that space and then declutter it by removing the things you no longer want or need. Then while you relax I put it all away and create your neat space that will lead to you feeling calmer in those areas of your home.

I take something that can be quite overwhleming and break it down into smaller areas so we can manage each space. It's a great experience freeing yourself of unwanted or unused items and then standing in an area that is open and organised.
Extensive research shows that organised areas and spaces takes stress away, clear our minds, make decision making easier and allow us freedom from clutter which can cause anxiety. Studies have proven that people sleep better in a tidy/organised room and they make healthier choices with an organised fridge and pantry.

I can do a cupboard or a room or a whole house – whatever you need. That cupboard that you walk past everyday that causes you anxiety as you don’t want to tackle it or the pantry that overwhelms you – hand them over to me and I will do it all for you. Let me take that stress away.


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Sonia Deakin - Owner - professional home organiser
Declutter and organise your home or office